XAMPP Apache and Bitnami SOLR

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XAMPP Apache and Bitnami SOLR

Postby tanix » 29. May 2013 10:32

I installed lately xampp 1.1.7 and I installed Solr Bitnami last week. When I use bitnami solr server I will need to stop the xampp service and vice versa. Is there other way that I can use both service at the same time or merge those services since they both use apache. I'm using xampp for windows. Badly needed your advice on this one. Thanks in advance. :o
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Re: XAMPP Apache and Bitnami SOLR

Postby Beltran » 06. June 2013 08:19

As you mention, BitNami Solr also uses Apache but this is only to show the Solr application in the browser. You can stop the Apache BitNami server (only this server) and access to the Solr server directly at Then you can work with regular XAMPP and Solr server. I hope it helps.
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