<< Apache Frientds >> in Polish ?

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<< Apache Frientds >> in Polish ?

Postby markooff » 18. March 2012 15:56

Hello Apache Friends Team !

I am one of polish enthusiast of XAMPP software. I've been Xampp user for the last 5 years
and during this time it gave me a lot of possibilities for using Xampp in private and business purposes .
I've visited xampp site frequently , and have noticed that there's no polish version .
Many peoples from Poland are using xampp , many of them know english more or less ,
but I think xampp will get much more popularity in my Country - if we can
find some support (e.i. FAQ, site language, etc) written just in polish.

What do You think - is there possibile to translate your main site (and FAQ) to polish ?
(in case you don't have any polish speaking person - I might help with doing that )

Best regards

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