Port 80 conflict with QGIS

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Port 80 conflict with QGIS

Postby igv » 08. October 2010 04:54

I have searched extensivley for a thread but can't find any joy. I am a designer not a developer but have worked alot in Dreamweaver. Tried to install xampp - all good but when I enter http://localhost it will not open the splash page but instead goes to the opensource GIS software splash which is OSGeo4W. This also uses Apache. I am guessing it's a port 80 conflict and have tried firewall setting changes etc but can't get the xampp localhost to feature. I don't want to uninstall QGIS. Does anyone have a fix?

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Re: Port 80 conflict with QGIS

Postby El Admin » 08. October 2010 17:42


you can the Port from the Apache configure in conf/httpd.conf

search the line
Listen: 80

set the Port on a other Port and restart the Apache

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