access denied

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access denied

Postby tracy14 » 02. October 2010 21:38

I have xampp1.68 and I want to upgrade to 1.73 so i started with the first upgrade to 7. after sending everthing over in the xampp i try to go to phpadmin and it says that access is denied. also when i unpacked all the 7 into xampp on my localhost it said it could not change certain things. I am lost.
any suggestions on how I can up grade with out completly resinstalling and saving all the stuff
Thanx a million

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Re: access denied

Postby meows » 22. October 2010 08:07

Maybe you need to go in and reset everything at localhost.

also check, After moving of the XAMPP directory, you must execute "setup_xampp.bat". The paths in the configuration files will be adjusted with this step.

If you have installed any server as Windows service, you must first remove the Windows service, and after the moving you can install the service again.
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