Installing Apache web server

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Installing Apache web server

Postby zeeshandogar » 03. August 2010 03:15

Please excuse my newbie ignorance, would really appreciate someones help. I am trying to install Joomla for web design on my PC, and realised I would need a web server. I googled and found Apache as the defacto choice for most developers.

I have downloaded the version for Windows.

a) I reviewed a tutorial video, which shows that after downloading the version for windows, you will find an the Apache icon for installation. When I downloaded the files, all I can see is a folder with lots of I am confused as to what I should run for installation.
b) Also....what other files should I run and install if I want to set-up a web page (SQL, Perl????)

Confused, please help.

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Re: Installing Apache web server

Postby grace01 » 11. August 2010 09:51

Hello Friends

i want to install apache on the xp
but when i m trying to install it
its give me error.
i m not able to install it
so please tell me how to do it

Have Nice Day
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Re: Installing Apache web server

Postby HarryVZ » 11. August 2010 23:03

Hi both of you!

What exactly did you download?
XAMPP or Apache from

What is the error message? screenshot?

That would be helpfull to help.

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Re: Installing Apache web server

Postby bensimon_1981 » 06. April 2012 11:08

We are looking for reliable IT support providers for our company. We need to shift as well as upgrade our servers. Looking for London based providers.
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