Is XAMPP is open source?

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Is XAMPP is open source?

Postby dhubler » 08. November 2008 04:56

If not, can anyone suggest one that is and works on windows and mac?

I realize the packages contained in the installers are open source, php, apache etc, I'm talking about the installer itself
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Postby Nobbie » 08. November 2008 11:08

On Linux (and Mac?) the "installer" is not an installer, its simply a tar file which must be unpacked into certain folders.

The Windows installer is not open source, but you may use the ZIP File instead (which is similar to a packed tar file) which is opensource as well (as there is no special "source" for installer).
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Postby kleinweby » 08. November 2008 13:23

The Installer that we use in XAMPP for Mac is not open source.

It comes from Apple and you can create your own "Installer Packages" with the Developer Tools from Apple...
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Postby dhubler » 14. November 2008 02:43

I was referring to the scripts and configuration files used to assemble the installers, are they available as open source. i need to customize the installer and i'd like to contribute it back to others.

I found some source here
I do not see a license text file. There has been 82 commits, has this just been created?
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