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Postby tatzkie » 06. October 2008 08:06

anybody please help!!!

i made a backup of our webpage content and tried to edit it offline...how would i set up a stand alone server that could run our webpage exactly as what we could see online. i just installed a wampserver 2.0 with apache, mysql and php applications running. i placed all my codes in "web" folder including my index.php. how would i configure it so that i could access it using "localhost". what's the parameter/syntax i would use?

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Postby Stevie Marvin » 10. October 2008 06:02

To use the program you have to download it(Download Localhost for Windows, Download Localhost for Linux ). I invite you to make a different version of the topmost folder (/), one that suits the type of files that you think this program would be useful for. If it is good, it will be the version seen by everyone else using the system, including users viewing the web-preview.....p2p.cs.mu.oz.au site for more information..thanks
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