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Allgemeines Forum zum Thema Apache Friends. Bei Problemen mit XAMPP bitte entweder das Linux- oder das Windows-Forum benutzen. Hier geht's wirklich nur ganz allgemein um Apache Friends.

Quick Thanks

Postby kkoechel » 27. June 2005 07:50

I have installed for XAMPP for linux and XAMPP for windows on multiple machines and I just want to tell you, you guys fucking rock.

Apache wasn't that bad, and neither was compiling the other stuff the old way, but XAMPP is just so freaking fast and convenient.

I jsut wanted to say thanks for putting so much blood, sweat and time into a product you probably get very little financial support for.

the Forums rock BTW and are VERY helpful
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Re: Quick Thanks

Postby bobbyallen » 01. July 2005 15:25

I too would like to say a massive thanks to you guy's this solution is brilliant, I have struggled for days with Linux trying to get Apache working with PHP etc. Then found this site, Downloaded XAMPP and installed it..... Absolutly brilliant I cant thank you enough!

You guys are great, Thank you every so much :D ,

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